Truffle About Us

About Us


Truffle Season’s is a premium popcorn seasoning blend of white truffle, cheeses, herbs, and spices that promise to elevate your snacking experience one kernel at a time. From the undergrounds of Italy to your favorite evening snack, we aspire to transform your simple treat to a culinary delight.

Why truffles? If you never had them, you’re simply missing out. Their distinct aroma and nuances of intense, earthy flavors are the reason for their high-pursuit. Furthermore, their unique origin as a mystic fungus from the underground roots of wild forest in Italy makes these precious fruits unlike any tubers, edible roots, or mushrooms in the world. Though many have tried, truffles aren’t easily domesticated, which adds to its heavenly intrigue.

And then popcorn comes in. Our love for popcorn started with Kernel Season’s®, America’s #1 Popcorn Seasoning, who now offers over 20 delicious and gluten-free flavors. In response to the growing trend of “truffelizeing” common foods and snacks, Truffle Season’s wanted to bring an elite experience to the way people enjoy popcorn. So we did just that.

From our savory Aged White Cheddar Truffle to the lavish Italian Summer Truffle, add a richness to snacking you never knew was needed.