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About Us

Reimagine the Way You Mealtime

From popcorn to veggie seasoning, life is better with a little more flavor. 

Our passion for flavor started with a college student, in a dorm room of a university, who wanted to add more flavor to his favorite snack, popcorn. By experimenting with natural ingredients and sharing his discoveries with his roommates, Kernel Season’s was born soon after. And from dorm room concoction to becoming the #1 popcorn seasoning in America, we concluded that a little flavor goes an incredibly long way.

Since then, we’ve added flavorful fun for just about every mealtime. We’ve expanded from shaking up popcorn with Kernel Season’s to sweetening your morning oatmeal with our incredible line of Tasty Shakes. And now, we’re giving you a whole new way to enjoy your veggies. 

Vegetables aren’t the most exciting item on your dinner plate. Fortunately, Veggie Season’s enhances them organically. Real ingredients. Real flavors. Never have to gripe over bitter vegetables again. Veggie Season’s is an easy solution to bettering mealtime with the family. 

Enjoy savory seasonings like our Italian-inspired Parmesan & Herb or kickin’ Red Pepper Cajun — our options are bursting with flavor!