Graveyard Popcorn Treats

Globo Collaborator @ 2020-08-17 11:18:28 -0500



  1. Prepare popcorn
  2. Place pot over medium heat and melt butter
  3. Once butter is melted, add marshmallows
  4. Stir until marshmallows are completely melted, then pour over popcorn
  5. Stir popcorn marshmallow mixture until evenly incorporated
  6. Spray a loaf pan with nonstick spray and press popcorn mixture into an even layer, allow to cool
  7. Make chocolate pudding following package instructions
  8. Add Oreos to a zip loc bag and crush into bite-size pieces
  9. Once pudding and popcorn has set, transfer popcorn "log" to a serving dish
  10. Add chocolate pudding on top (we used about half the batch)
  11. Sprinkle with Oreo crumbles to create the dirt
  12. Bring in the kiddos to help sprinkle the Halloween candy around the graveyard
  13. Once everything has set, slice into pieces and enjoy!