Extreme Makeover: Kernel Season's Edition

Globo Collaborator @ 2020-08-17 12:54:33 -0500

If you haven't noticed, we had an eensy weensy bit of a makeover last night! (Ok. More like a major overhaul, but who doesn't love a good reveal, right?) To those of you who are new - hey! Great to have you. We know this is a lot to take in, so here are a few highlights to get you going.

  1. New packaging! Look at all those adorable little popcorn faces staring back at you. They are THRILLED to be here, if you couldn't tell by their expressions.
  2. New flavors! Check it out, guys. We've brought back some old goodies like Sour Cream & Onion and Dill Pickle, and we've welcomed Cheesy Caramel Corn into the mix!
  3. New products! Two words, people: Drizzle. Brittle. Ever wish you could have a popcorn sundae? Done. You're welcome. They're almost ready. Make sure you sign up for your newsletter or follow us on Facebook to make sure you're in the loop when they hit the stores.